Stories Of Los Angeles Harbor Area:

For Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

The SOLAHA Movie for Volumes II and III

Stories of LA Harbor Area: For Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow oral history project documents stories from a diverse group of people who were born or resided in the communities that surround the Port of Los Angeles. Participants tell stories relationship to the Los Angeles harbor area: memories of growing up, businesses they worked in or started, many other recollections.

Volume II project was filmed in 2020 and Volume III in 2021.SOLAHA "The Movie Vol. II & Vol. III" includes just one story from each of the individuals in Volume II (52 total) and Volume III (63 total). SOLAHA "The Movie - Vol. I" premiered at the LA Harbor International Film Festival in 2019.  Made possible by grant funding from Los Angeles County authorized by Supervisor Janice Hahn.
Volume IV will be filmed c. summer 2022.


Our Mission

The Stories Of The Los Angeles Harbor Area: For Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (SOLAHA) aims to preserve the significant history of the people and communities of the Los Angeles harbor area that spans from the port towns of San Pedro and Wilmington, to include Lomita, Harbor City and the Palos Verdes Peninsula, recognizing what is inherent to inspire future generations to continue striving to make it a great place to live, work, and invest in as the area continues to progress.


“The personal stories and memories that people share are to be treasured as they are the measure of lives well lived, from mundane to magnificent”, comments Stephanie Mardesich co-producer with Jack Baric of the oral history project. “The sentiments of individuals that reflect the community and its history, and shared values, remind from whence we came to guide and inspire others to recall their heritage, the environment of growing up or living near the sea, and appreciate on every level from the past, present, and looking to the future.”

Los Angeles County Supervisor
Janice Hahn, District 4


Jack Baric,
Director & Co-Producer

Jack Baric at Emmys Awards photoJack Baric is an Emmy Award winning producer and marketer and founder of Baric Media Entertainment and Gopher Crow Entertainment production and marketing company. His diverse professional endeavors include a passion for telling stories through the medium of film and video, marketing, economic development, and charitable good works.

Stephanie Mardesich,

Stephanie MardesichFounder and director of the LA Harbor International Film Festival (LAHFIF) Mardesich was born and raised in San Pedro, California. She attended local public and private schools graduating with honors from San Pedro High School where she was active in student government and service clubs. The tradition of service was instilled in her from early childhood…


Stories Of Los Angeles Harbor Area: For Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (SOLAHA) (Volume I) Production Credits include:

Director:   Jack Baric
Producers:   Jack Baric & Stephanie Mardesich


What People are Saying

“These oral histories are PRECIOUS.”

“These oral histories of the LA Harbor Area are PRECIOUS. I would like you to know how much they are appreciated. ….. In the meantime, please know that your work is touching souls.”


“I must go visit the Wilmington Cemetry to see who is buried in the Croatian and Italian sections!”

“I was smiling the entire time”

“I was smiling the entire time as I listened to Joe (Buscaino) tell his story. I thoroughly enjoy these oral histories.”

“Thank you for making this story available.”

“It reminded me of my childhood, when we had so much more freedom to explore and play outside than today’s children experience.”

Contact Us

For more information regarding SOLAHA please contact:

Jack Baric, Director & Co-Producer


Stephanie Mardesich, Co-Producer