Martin Chacon reminiscences about growing up in the Port of Los Angeles town of Wilmington during a simpler era.

November 11, 2023 

SOLAHA Vol. IV, No. 9

Veterans of Foreign War Commander Martin Chacon,  reminiscences about growing up in the Port from pre-school in Banning House to further education, innocent playtime when all was “safe”,  in Port of Los Angeles town of Wilmington during a simpler era.

Born in Long Beach Memorial Hospital, raised in Wilmington, Martin is eldest of three children. His mother was born and raised in Wilmington (died at 97 years old); father born and raised in Los Angeles (died at 86 years old). His parents resided and raised family in Wilmington . His father was a barber/hair stylist. Started with Howard James in LB, then his own place in LB. His mother was store clerk with Good Will for 25 years. 

Attended  “head start” pre-school program that was located “under the Banning House.” Kindergarten through eighth grade at Holy Family School; one year at St. Anthony’s in Long Beach, then Banning High School. Was in “little league” on the “Indians” team. 

After high school he declares  “I married Uncle Sam” in 1979. Served in  Air Force for 13 years; then army and retired as Staff Sergeant after serving in  two combat campaigns:  Desert Storm/Desert Shield and Operation Iraq Freedom #2.

Upon  leaving military service in Feb. 2005 became a long shore man (Local 13), was a casual while still in military. He is still actively working; and also part of Electrician’s Union Local #11. 

He married twice: first to  high school sweetheart 1979, one child (girl), divorced; then married again, divorced.

Active with Veterans of Foreign Wars Wilmington Post #2967. Past Post Commander for two terms and accompanies honor guard presenting the colors at numerous official and community events.

A  true gentleman and patriot!