Major General Peter Gravett and Saluting all Veterans!

Major General Peter Gravett recounts his climb from enlisted man to general in the United States Army National Guard. Gravett was inspired to the military by his father, who was a member of the famous Tuskegee Airmen.

The Importance Of Education & Work Ethic — General Peter Gravett

US Army National Guard Major General Peter Gravett tells the story of how important education was to his family. His parents grew up in the segregated south and moved to the LA Harbor Area to give their children a better life. Gravett is one of twelve children and he and eleven of of his siblings attended college (one passed away). Gravett grew up in two housing projects in San Pedro and rose from those humble beginnings to getting a post-grad degrees from USC and Harvard — and to the rank of major general in the Army National Guard. He was the first African-American in the 225 year history of the guard to become a division commander. Quite and inspirational gentleman!

Remembering peaceful civil rights protesting — General Peter Gravett

U.S. Army Major General Peter Gravett tells the story of protesting for civil rights with longtime San Pedro community leader, the late Dave Arian. Gravett, a former president of the local NAACP chapter also joined in peaceful protests of a San Pedro supermarket that refused to hire black people.

Earning a Medal of Valor — General Peter Gravett

U.S. Army Major General Peter Gravett had a dual career in the military and law enforcement. General Gravett tells the dramatic story of how his heroic actions earned him an LAPD Medal of Valor.