Wilmington community leader Sergio Carrillo tells the story of a gay rights march in the harbor town, which was a precursor to the famous protest at Stonewall in New York.

January 28, 2021
Stories of L.A. Harbor Area: For Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (SOLAHA) oral history project

Vol. II, No. 41 Sergio Carillo Sergio reveals story about origin of “gay right” and march in the harbor town of Wilmington

He reminisces about precursor to the famous protest at Stonewall in New York and a bar in Wilmington where Red West Pizza is located today; and the “Lilly March” organized locally and LAPD involvement. Quite historically significant!

“Native son” Sergio was born and raised in Wilmington, California. He has 25 years of experience in local government and public advocacy founding his own company Carrillo Strategies, a Los Angeles based minority-owned and political consulting firm specializing in public affairs, governmental and media relations, and community engagement.

He is active in many service organizations including board of Los Angeles .Harbor Area Cemetery District (Wilmington) with many Civil War veterans interred at the site. He is currently president of both the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce board of directors, and the Wilmington Boys and Girl Club board where he “gives back” by supporting their mission with countless hours of service and sharing the joy from seeing how young lives can be changed and hope on the horizon.

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