Longtime San Pedro real estate agent Libby DiBernardo tells the epic story of how his dad immigrated from the Italian island of Ischia, returned to Ischia get married, have kids, and bring the tribe to San Pedro!

SOLAHA Vol. V, No.2  –Libby DiBernardo – father emigrates from Iscia to USA

The story of his father’s emigration from Italy  to the USA is “classic” demonstrating  determination, courage, strong work ethic of   When it was time to marry he returned to his home in island of  Iscia to find a bride and “commuting” over seven years, then finally stating no more and he moved the family to the USA in 1937,  though had to gain official status first.

From his career as a commercial fisherman to real estate “mogul” Libby is well known in the San Pedro community. He arrived the seaside harbor With his dynamic personality, ageless energy (he’s 93)he goes to work every day and is an inspiration to all!

We eagerly await more of his stories…..


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