SOLAHA Vol. V, No.5  –  Rudy Mendoza native of Wilmington, educator who gives back to community
Rudy Mendoza, the Regional South Director for the LAUSD, tells the story of growing up in Wilmington and giving back to the community through education programs at his alma mater, Banning High School.
Born in Long Beach, raised in Wilmington Rudy attended Broad Avenue Elementary, Wilmington Jr. High, Phineas Banning (PBHS) High Schools, Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). His  parents were born in and all grew up in Wilmington. His paternal grandparents emigrated from Mexico; his maternal grandparents were from Spain and the Philippines.
He continued his higher education at Cal State Dominguez Hills. Bachelor of Science  (social studies); Master of Arts (education) and teaching credential.
Though he considered a career in accounting education beckoned. He began his teaching career at  Pacific Harbor Christian School (Wilmington), on to Stephen White Middle School, PBHS teaching social studies At PBHS became work experience coordinator, career advisor, ASB leadership advisor, co-ed cheerleader advisor, asst. principal. Left to work in  Washington Preparatory High School, then principal of He resides in his  family home in Carson (formerly Wilmington) and along with his siblings, takes care of mother who has Alzheimer Disease.
He enjoys music, traveling when ever possible, and has recently been in  “self love program” to eat healthy and work out losing @57 pounds “because I prayed to God to prepare me for my next journey”. He is Roman Catholic and part of St. Margaret Mary parish in Harbor City, California.
What a wonderful role model for youth and all of the community of Wilmington and beyond. We look forward to more stories


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