Judi (Kanaster) Haase shares story of her grandparents arriving in San Pedro (SP) and the origin of Kanaster for Men haberdasher, known for classic suits and elegant style, in (historic) downtown San Pedro (SP)that her father Lou and Uncle Harry maintained for many years.

Born and bred in SP Judi matriculated through Leland and Seventh Street Elementary, Richard Henry Dana Junior and San Pedro High Schools; and earned bachelor of Science degree in education at University of Southern California.

She has a lovely singing voice and thespian talent featured in many community theatre productions. In 2008 she created a special Molly Brown Soliloquy for 5th an. LA Har. Int’l. Film Festival Hollywood Nostalgia Tribute Gala featuring The Unsinkable Molly Brown that was spell binding audience experience,

Mother of two, grandmother of four now retired, she taught elementary school in Los Angeles Unified School District for 25 years. All time advocate for the town she volunteers with the San Pedro Bay Historical Society; and at Kaiser hospital for over 26 years.