Longtime San Pedro community leader Augie Bezmalinovich tells the story of his Croatian last name, a name which he claims is the longest in San Pedro!

September 21, 2023

SOLAHA Vol. IV, No. 3 Augie Bezmalinovich – the longest name in San Pedro

Reveals the enlightening and amusing story of the origin of his unique family surname.

Augie, another authentic 100% Croatian descent, is  lifelong resident of San Pedro where his family has lived for close to 100 years. He graduated from Mary Star of the Sea High School and University of Southern California. He works as Community Affairs Advocate for  Community Relations Division at the Port of Los Angeles (POLA) as the.  He serves as a liaison between the various communities surrounding the POLA, and throughout the Southern California; and community leaders and business stakeholders to identify programs region to educate and promote the Port as a regional community partner and major economic asset. 

  He and his wife Lynn (nee Stecker) have three children and three grand-children.

You’ll see him out and about at community functions, strolling at 1st Thursday, and always in good spirits. 


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