Perri Veganes has the fairly unique distinction of having grown up on Catalina Island. A big part of being an Islander is getting great opportunities to play in the ocean. Perri talks about kayaking with her sister and the ever present sharks that are on their playground.

Perri  (Ross) Veganes has distinction of being a true “Island girl”  growing up on Santa Catalina Island, where she had opportunities to explore the terrain and play in the ocean. She shares a story about kayaking with one of her three sisters and the ever present sharks that are around the “seaside playground.”

Her family (Matesich) history goes way back with her grandfather part owner of the Alaska Inn, next door Back Bay Hotel and Hotel Del Rio, of San Pedro’s infamous Beacon Street. See image of painting by the late great Tom Phillips, San Pedro’s premiere artist whose “retro realism” is legendary.

Perri  resides by Cabrillo Beach where she enjoys views of the Pacific and still kayaks. She’s widow of the late beloved criminal lawyer Theodore “Ted” Veganes; and professional make up artist should you need any beauty tips!



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