Mike Lansing, ex. Director of Boys & Girls Club L.A. harbor (B&GC,  tells the story of how the B&GC evolved  from primarily focusing on sports to transitioning to resource that provides educational support services for its members.

Original distribution Jan. 19, 2023 (sent out by SM Feb 5)

Stories of Los Angeles Harbor Area: For Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

SOLAHA Vol. III, No. 30

Many will remember the Boys Club that in 1950s had moved into the former San Pedro High School property that was a “haven” for preteen and teenaged boys who particularly enjoyed sports in the old gymnasium with basketball hoops, and playing “caroms.” I recall my older brother going there for that uniquely fun game, and playing little league in the adjacent field that’s now Vons market.

Mike Lansing assumed leadership in c. 1994 and around that time it was determined that there were many girls participating so the mission changed to include girls and rename the organization. Today membership is @51% girls. 

Mike’s personal history as a teacher, athletic coach and former member of the Los Angeles Unified School District board of education  prepared him well to be at the helm of the B&GC serves nearly thousands of young people (in locations from SP to Wilmington, Harbor Gateway and more) and has many outstanding athletic, aesthetic and academic  programs including “College Bound.” For more see the website: https://www.bgclaharbor.org/



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