San Pedro Greek Easter — Nickie Troy

99 years young, Nickie Troy is a lifelong member of the San Pedro community. Her father came to the United States in 1902. Nickie tells the story of her family and how they celebrated Greek Easter in San Pedro.

The Restaurants of San Pedro –Nickie Troy

Nickie Troy started out working in her dad’s restaurant during the Great Depression on Beacon Street and for the next several decades worked in various iconic San Pedro restaurants, such as Fireside, Cigo’s and Ante’s. She tells the story of working in them all.

A 1902 Greek Immigrant Story — Nickie Troy

Longtime San Pedran, 98 year old Nickie Troy tells the story of her father’s immigration to the United States from Greece in 1902. She recalls his arrival to San Pedro and the Beacon Street restaurant he started and she got her first waitress job.