Longtime San Pedro community leader Rick Pielago’s dad was the owner of legendary Harbor Area restaurant Peppy’s. Rick tells the hilarious story of how a waiter’s paperclip that accidentally clipped a customer’s blouse caused a crazy moment that left the waiter, the customer, and Rick’s dad all red-faced (for different reasons).

August 3, 2023

SOLAHA Vol. III, No. 47 Rick Pelago reminds of Peppy’s work ethic and funny story

 Rick Pielago Recalls his dad “Peppy’s” strict work rules and funny story about a lady and a blouse….

Another great “Peppy” story and memories Rick, always robust and enthusiastic. He attended 7th Street Elementary School, Mary Star of the Sea Middle & High Schools, then on to Loyola Marymount for undergrad degree and Golden State University for further studies and earned bachelor of science in “taxation” currently has his very active C.P.A. business in town.    

Rick is avid sports fan and part of the SP Sports Walk committee (on calendar for Oct.watch for news). Married to full fledged Croatian Kris (Ursich) they are proud parents of two sons.


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