Mel Lindsey, the managing partner at Nile Capital, and 1982 graduate of San Pedro High School talks about growing up playing on integrated sports teams in San Pedro — and especially playing baseball at Peck Park.

June 24, 2022
SOLAHA Vol. III, No. 7 “Batter up” Mel Lindsay tries out for Little League
It’s officially summer and peak basebalM season. Hear Mel Lindsey remember trying out for local Little League when a student at Bandini Street Elementary School and the broad ethic spectrum of participation and integration.

1982 graduate of San Pedro High School, Lindsey holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and received his MBA in Finance from the Anderson School at UCLA. He also attended IMD Seminar, Switzerland, an executive leadership program. He is currently managing partner and CEO of Nile Capital Group LLC.

He serves on the board of the Toigo Foundation, the South Central Scholar Fund and the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles and is a member of Los Angeles Society of Financial Analysts.



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