Mexican Family Immigration to Wilmington — Christina Jalomo Wilson

Christina (Jalomo) Wilson native of Wilmington, California and second generation American vividly recounts story of her grandparents emigrating to California from Mexico on the rails — and her Aunt Julia, the Pancho Villa revolutionary. They settled in Wilmington where the family has had a strong presence since the early 20th century.

How Wilmington Saved the Union — Sergio Carrillo

Sergio Carrillo tells the story of how the blockade of southern ports during the Civil War created the need for the Confederates to build a port in the West and how that effort was thwarted by Phineas Banning. April 3, 2020 Stories of L.A. Harbor Area: For Yesterday,...

The Fiestas of Wilmington — Oliva Cueva Fernandez

“Mexican Americans in Wilmington,” author, Olivia Cueva Fernandez recounts the big fiestas in Wilmington that brought people to the harbor town from all over the Greater Los Angeles area — many of them arriving on the old Red Cars.

Painting out Graffiti in Wilmington — Cecilia Moreno

Port of Los Angeles community advocate for Wilmington, Cecilia Moreno talks about how she stayed out of trouble growing up in Wilmington and how she encouraged her nephews to paint out graffiti on weekends as a means to taking back their community.