The Great Cioppino Prank – Ann (Good) Menard

Ann (Good) Menard tells the funny story of how her Italian grandfather played a massive prank on his fellow Italian seafood industry workers at the LA Harbor waterfront to avenge their consistent theft of the cioppino he made on the docks.

Boys Club Welcomes Girls — Mike Lansing

Longtime executive director of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the LA Harbor Area provides the history of the San Pedro club and the transition from being the Boys Club to a more inclusive Boys & Girls Club.

Batter Up! Little League at Peck Park — Mel Lindsey

Mel Lindsey, the managing partner at Nile Capital, and 1982 graduate of San Pedro High School talks about growing up playing on integrated sports teams in San Pedro — and especially playing baseball at Peck Park.

From Non-Deans List to Boeing Exec — Anthony Pirozzi

LA Harbor Commissioner Anthony Pirozzi tells the story of how he went from a mediocre high school student to top level executive at Boeing. The journey included stints at community college, working in his dad’s TV shop, and bagging groceries at Vons.

A 1902 Greek Immigrant Story — Nickie Troy

Longtime San Pedran, 98 year old Nickie Troy tells the story of her father’s immigration to the United States from Greece in 1902. She recalls his arrival to San Pedro and the Beacon Street restaurant he started and she got her first waitress job.