Backyard Farms & Fishermen’s Fiesta Growing Up — Annette Ciketic

Annette (Kaloper) Ciketic reveals how the building of new (c. 1958) Mary Star of the Sea Church was funded by “ton of tuna” tithing of mostly Italian and Croatian local fishermen inspired by her father’s idea; and the immense connection to the sea represented in the artwork and icons within and outside of the church.

All Girls Mary Star — Annette (Kaloper) Ciketic

Annette (Kaloper) Ciketic recounts attending all girls Mary Star of The Sea High School (class of 1966) and watching the new school being built, what great athletes the girls were; and continuing her education at Immaculate Heart College mentored by Sister Corita Kent

When Women Ran San Pedro — Annette Ciketic

fiNdings Art Center Executive Director Annette (Kaloper) Ciketic tells the mid 20th Century San Pedro story of how women were forced to run the town because the men spent most of the year out to sea fishing for tuna.

United By Tragedy – Annette (Kaloper) Ciketic

fiNdings Art Center Executive Director, retired educator, Annette (Kaloper) Ciketic reveals how her parents tragedies were what brought them together to form their wonderful family.