Annette (Kaloper) Ciketic reveals how the building of new (c. 1958) Mary Star of the Sea Church was funded by “ton of tuna” tithing of mostly Italian and Croatian local fishermen inspired by her father’s idea; and the immense connection to the sea represented in the artwork and icons within and outside of the church.

June 22, 2023

Stories of Los Angeles Harbor Area: For Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (SOLAHA)

Vol. III, No. 43

Mary Star of the Sea (MSOTS) parish was founded in 1889, one of the oldest in the Los Angeles archdiocese. The original church was in Barton Hill area, then 9th and Centre Street before moving “uptown” to 7th & Meyler Streets. The annual MSOTS Fiesta takes place end of July and is fun family activity. The elementary and middle school are connected to the church and the high school campus is located off of north Gaffey Street.

Annette is an advocate for education, art, culture and active community participation. Sheis executive director and  co-founder of fINdings Art Center and Gallery celebrating its “sweet 16” anniversary this year.  Stop by the gallery located next to the Warner Grand Theatre and see some wonderful art.

 She serves on the Boards of the San Pedro Lions Club,  Port of Los Angeles High School and  other worthy organizations, always exemplifying her personal philosophy “Engaging families and students and empowering women is the heart of my work.She has been a teacher of multiple subjects (including art and “ESL”) and school administrator.  Her own inspiration came from her fine parochial education.       



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