San Pedro community icon John Papadakis tells the story of how his grandfather, Nick Papadakis immigrated to San Pedro from Greece around 1907. Nick arrived penniless and through street smarts and hard work created a great life for himself and future generations of the Papadakis family.

September 7, 2023

SOLAHA Vol. IV, No. 1 John Papadakis

John Papadakis – Founder/proprietor of world wned Papadakis Taverna (1973-2010) tells story of  his paternal grandfather and patriarch Nick Papadakis, one of ten brothers, emigrating  from Greece escaping the Ottoman Empire, to San Pedro around 1907. He was resourceful, established various businesses, built the  LaSalle Hotel (now lofts at 255 W. 7th St.SP) that still has his name chiseled on the front)and eventually founded Anchor Liquors and a family dynasty.

Stellar athlete, successful restaurateur, John is proud father of four, married to beloved Donna (nee Schultz) for over 50 years, and clearly inherited his grandfather Nick’s entrepreneurial spirit. Ever the raconteur in his robust eloquent style John has reverence for family heritage and his Greek roots. One of many stories to come, John could be his own series!

John’s new career as “The Singling Linebacker” is on the rise – see him next at prestigious Catalina Jazz Club, Hollywood, September 21 –  promo poster with ink here for tickets  – don’t miss this tribute to Tony Bennett