Sep 16, 2022

Stories of Los Angeles Harbor Area: For Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (SOLAHA) Vol. III, No. 13

Commemorating Mexican Independence Day September 16 when the country gained freedom from Spain in 1810 Angel Montes, Jr. shares the stories of his parents who emigrated from Mexico, met in Wilmington, California, both worked hard, they married and built a successful businesse along with having their family

Angel manages the popular Los Tres Cochinitos restaurant on Pacific Coast Highway in Wilmington founded by his immigrant parents. His mother is still active in the restaurant known for great food and special “Mango Margaritas” (my favorite are chicken tacos).

Born and raised in Wilmington Angel attended Broad Avenue Elementary, Wilmington Jr. & Banning High (class of 1987) Schools. He’s happily married with four children and four grand grandchildren.



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