Wilmington restaurant owner Angel Montes tells the story of how Los Tres Cochinitos, the establishment his family owns, got its start.

April 29, 2022
Stories of Los Angeles Harbor Area: For Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Vol. III, No. 2 Angel Montes, Jr. tells the story of how legendary Wilmington Mexican restaurant Los Tres Cochinitos was founded

Born & raised in Wilmington Angel attended Broad Avenue Elementary, Wilmington Jr. & Banning High (class of 1987) Schools.

His “claim to fame” is managing the popular Los Tres Cochinitos restaurant on Pacific Coast Highway in Wilmington founded by his immigrant parents. He’s happily married with four children and four grandchildren.

Consider going to Los Tres Cochinitos to enjoy Cinco de May (5th of May coming up) the annual celebration that commemorates the anniversary of Mexico’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862 and the victory of a smaller, poorly equipped Mexican force against the larger and better-armed French army was a morale boost for the country.



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