Wild Times at Peppy’s — Rick Pielago

Longtime San Pedro community leader Rick Pielago’s dad was the owner of legendary Harbor Area restaurant Peppy’s. Rick tells the hilarious story of how a waiter’s paperclip that accidentally clipped a customer’s blouse caused a crazy moment that left the waiter, the customer, and Rick’s dad all red-faced (for different reasons).

A San Pedro Family History in Food & Drink –Rick Pielago

Rick Pielago tells the story of how his grandfather opened a bar in San Pedro in 1934, right after prohibition ended — and how a Mary Star traveling softball team led his father to discover a steak house in Arizona that provided the inspiration for Peppy’s, a legendary restaurant in mid 20th Century San Pedro.

Stars at Peppy’s — Rick Pielago

Rick Pielago recounts the various stars who came through the doors at Peppy’s, his dad’s legendary restaurant in San Pedro.

Delivering an Envelope to Frenchy — Rick Pielago

Longtime San Pedran, Rick Pielago tells the colorful story of being sent by his dad, Peppy, on a clandestine mission to a local bowling alley to deliver an envelope to a guy named Frenchy. If you think this sound like the opening scene from a Tarantino film, you would not be far off. A great story of an era when the San Pedro waterfront was filled with throw back characters who had nicknames like Peppy and Frenchy.