Truck Down Payment for San Pedro House –Steve Kleinjan

Steve Kleinjan tells the story of how his father worked as an electric lineman for Bell and requested a transfer to anywhere warmer than the frigid winters of Chicago, where he worked. A job in San Pedro became available and using a new GM truck as downpayment, he got the family a house in town.

Starting Clean San Pedro — Steve Kleinjan

Steve Kleinjan recalls how having a few beers ahead of the San Pedro Holiday Parade led to the start of a non-profit that has kept the Harbor area town’s streets clean for over 15 years.

San Pedro Car Clubs — Steve Kleinjan

Clean San Pedro founder, Steve Kleinjan tells an epic story of the car clubs and all of the clubhouses that dotted downtown San Pedro during the era of “American Graffiti.”

Busted Buying Beer — Steve Kleinjan

Steve Kleinjan tells the story of getting busted buying beer on Beacon Street with his fake ID and the small town twist of what happened in court.