Lora Caudill – Iiams, the former principal at Leland Street Elementary School, tells the story of how her grandfather, a sea captain from Germany, immigrated to San Francisco and ultimately arrived in San Pedro at the Port of Los Angeles.

October 12 2023

SOLAHA Vol. IV, No. 6

Lora Caudill-Iiams, third generation San Pedran remembers her German immigrant Sea Captain Paulsen grandfather who was significant contributor to the success of Port of Los Angeles

Lora is 20 year veteran educator who has held a myriad of roles throughout the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). She began her career as a fifth grade departmentalized science teacher, promoted to Literacy Coach at Century Park Elementary in Inglewood, became Instructional Coach and Categorical Program Advisor at Cabrillo Avenue Elementary School and principal of Leland Street Elementary School (both in San Pedro) where she was commended for her work with military families and  After serving a stint as Equity Director for LAUSD she returned to campus life and is currently principal of Van Deen STEAM Academy. 

She’s a wife and mother of  year old son Jay, fourth generation San Pedro High School graduate, currently work with LAUSD at Gulf Avenue Elementary School (Wilmington)  and  teem age daughter Samantha.

Her ehtnusiasm and  commitment to education, family and community are truly  inspiring.


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