The Transformation of Wilmington’s Dana Strand — Dan Hoffman

Longtime community leader and former Wilmington Chamber of Commerce executive director, Dan Hoffman tells the story of the transformation of Wilmington’s Dana Strand. Once a place that nobody dared visit, it is now a great example of providing affordable housing in a clean and safe environment.

SPHS Senior Citizen Prom — Kathy (Vidovich) Carcamo

Longtime San Pedro High School teacher and community leader, Kathy Carcamo tells the sweet and uplifting story of how San Pedro High School students began the tradition of putting on a prom for local senior citizens.

United By Tragedy – Annette (Kaloper) Ciketic

fiNdings Art Center Executive Director, retired educator, Annette (Kaloper) Ciketic reveals how her parents tragedies were what brought them together to form their wonderful family.

The 12th Street Melting Pot – Ann (Good) Menard

Former Honorary Mayor of San Pedro, John Bagakis talks about the pride of being Greek, from the annual festival, to your saint’s day, the Olympics, and greatest of all, celebrating Easter Sunday with a roasted lamb.