Moving to Wilmington — Dan Hoffman

Former executive director of Wilmington Chamber of Commerce (WCC) , Dan Hoffman tells the story of how he first moved to Wilmington — and never wanted to leave!

Becoming Wilmington Chamber CEO– Dan Hoffman

Longtime Harbor area community leader Dan Hoffman tells the story of how he became the CEO of the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, advocate for community how that boosted his own spirit and inspired youth.

Working at the News Pilot — Dan Hoffman

Former Wilmington Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Dan Hoffman tells the story of how working at the News Pilot led him to becoming a leader in the Wilmington community.

The Transformation of Wilmington’s Dana Strand — Dan Hoffman

Longtime community leader and former Wilmington Chamber of Commerce executive director, Dan Hoffman tells the story of the transformation of Wilmington’s Dana Strand. Once a place that nobody dared visit, it is now a great example of providing affordable housing in a clean and safe environment.