Over forty year resident and former Wilmington Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Dan Hoffman shares story of how working at the San Pedro News Pilot and how meaningful it was in the Wilmington and lead to his becoming a leader in neighborhood councils, community watch and more.

September 22, 2022

Stories Of Los Angeles Harbor Area: For Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

SOLAHA Vol. III, No. 14 Dan Hoffman

Dan was executive director of Wilmington Chamber of Commerce (WCC) over 16 years and prior  had a career in the newspaper business working with News Pilot and Daily Breeze (Copley News) starting as a truck driver. He went on to provide leadership in numerous capacities including five years as Circulation Manager for the News Pilot.

Dan’s commitment to the WCC mission: “The Wilmington Chamber of Commerce promotes, supports and enhances a positive business environment and improves the quality of life in the community”  demonstrates and his dedication during his tenure and continuing.

He and his wife Sue have lived  in Wilmington for nearly five decades, where they have raised their three daughters, and are active in the community and church.Dan is  excellent role model for all!



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