Sunday Family Meals — Florence Kleinjan

Longtime San Pedro resident, Florence Kleinjan reflects on attending mass in the old Mary Star, Sunday family meals, and the values of taking care of family members that are less fortunate.

Transferring from Mary Star to Pedro — Florence Kleinjan

Florence Kleinjan reveals how a nun rebellion opened the door for her to convince her parents to allow her to transfer from Mary Star to San Pedro High School — and the culture shock she felt when arriving at the much larger public school, including the requirement of showering with her female classmates after gym class.

Shopping at Ports of Call — Florence Kleinjan

San Pedro resident, Florence Kleinjan talks about her memories of working at Ports of Call during the peak of its popularity and how it was more than just a place for tourists. Locals could meet all of the shopping needs that they would later fulfill at malls — and now do with online shopping.