Ann (Good) Menard tells the funny story of how her Italian grandfather played a massive prank on his fellow Italian seafood industry workers at the LA Harbor waterfront to avenge their consistent theft of the cioppino he made on the docks.

July 20, 2022
Stories of Los Angeles Harbor Area: For Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
SOLAHA Vol. III, No. 10 Ann (Good) Menard

Ann (Good) Menard tells the story of how her Italian grandfather, who worked for Ocean Fish, played a massive prank on his fellow Italian co-workers at the 22nd Street fresh fish markets to avenge their consistent “theft” of the Cioppino (a fish stew/soup) he often prepared.
(Caution: Though this story might be amusing to many, it is also could be very disturbing to others).

To remind: Ann or “Annie” as many call her is one of five daughters of Joe and Dottie Good. Her dad and Uncle Mike owned “Joe and Mikes” (auto repair), Good Buick in Wilmington and Peninsula Pontiac in Torrance. Their family hailed from Ischia (cousins to DiMeglio and DiCarlo families). She grew up in San Pedro, attended Seventh Street School, then the family moved to Palos Verdes and she attended Dapplegray, and Miraleste High School She went She earned her B.A. at UCLA and continued on to Loyola for her law degree (Magna cum Laude).

She married in 1989 and moved to Pasadena, and moved back to “PV” in 1991 to raise her two sons. Her law career is impressive and currently she is Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer, Corporate Secretary Chief Legal Officer for The Macerich Company, one of the country’s leading owners, operators and developers of major retail and mixed-use real estate.

Charming, smart and beautiful this is Ann’s second SOLAHA story and more in coming months



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