A Croatian Immigration Story — Jack Baric

San Pedro filmmaker and co-producer of SOLAHA, Jack Baric tells the story of how his parents immigrated to the LA Harbor area and his experiences at school after he arrived for kindergarten not able to speak English.

Batter Up! A San Pedro Little League Story — Jack Baric

SOLAHA co-producer and local documentary filmmaker Jack Baric’s story of playing Little League, while growing up in San Pedro, is bookended with stories of the community members who built a rouge baseball diamond at Friendship Park and another generation who saved Eastview when the fields were lost to a new Target store.

Starting San Pedro Magazine — Jack Baric

San Pedro documentary filmmaker and SOLAHA producing partner, Jack Baric tells the story of his previous career in magazine publishing and how it led to him starting a magazine for his San Pedro hometown — even when his initial research made it seem that the town could not financially support the publication.

Christmas Party in DTSP — Jack Baric

SOLAHA producing partner, local documentary filmmaker, Jack Baric tells the story of throwing a Christmas Party at the Aquarium Club in Downtown San Pedro when nobody ventured downtown after dark.

Italy; Occupiers to Freedom Providers — Jack Baric

Stories of LA Harbor Area producer, local filmmaker, Jack Baric tells the story of how his grandfather escaped a fascist Italian POW camp during WWII and how later Jack’s dad gained his freedom from Communist Yugoslavia by escaping to Italy where he was provided political asylum.

Lost At Sea In Croatian Islands — Jack Baric

SOLAHA partner, local filmmaker and founder of San Pedro Magazine, Jack Baric tells stories of his summers spent on his parent Croatian islands — such a common occurrence in San Pedro that the town’s population seems to shrink every summer! Baric tells how when he was younger most people on the islands didn’t have cars so all travel was by small boats, which led to some wild adventures for him and his friends.