Modern Muffler to ILWU — Joshua Stecker

San Pedro Today publisher, Joshua Stecker tells the San Pedro worker’s story of his grandfather owning a muffler shop and later going down on the docks to get an ILWU union job as a longshoreman.

An Italian Immigrant Story — Libby DiBernardo

Longtime San Pedro real estate agent Libby DiBernardo tells the epic story of how his dad immigrated from the Italian island of Ischia, returned to Ischia get married, have kids, and bring the tribe to San Pedro!

Queen of Pedro Polar Bears — Kim White

Kim White, the Exalted Ruler of the San Pedro Elks Club, tells the story of how she went from being the Queen of the Polar Bears New Year swim one year to running the organization and hanging out with its lovable cast of characters.

The UCLA Freedom Riders — Bob Farrell

The Freedom Riders were a legendary group of civil rights activists who in 1961 rode on buses into the segregated South to confront the racist policies of the era. San Pedro resident Bob Farrell was among a group of UCLA students who had the courage to participate. He tells SOLAHA the epic story of their journey.